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Rena Tzolakis, Les Fleurs du Mal, Paris, 1999, Nouvelle Librairie de France.
                          Illustr.: 14 compostions and 7 (little) drawings in b/w.

(Rena Tzolakis). 'La Génie de la Bastille' stands for a group of artists who live and work in the Parisian district of the Bastille. Launched in 1982 with an exhibition in the Galerie Jacqueline Felman, 'La Génie de la Bastille' has spread in the following years to other galeries, and began to involve theatre and dance productions. In october each year the group presents itself in events centering around 'open ateliers'. This has frequently involved artists' groups from other countries, including the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Spain and Korea. In November 2002, seven artists from 'La Génie de la Bastille' will return once again to Amsterdam, to participate in the EMERGO manifestation at Atelier WG . Gérard Breviére (sculpture/graphics), Michèle Karr-Brown (painting), Monique Main (painting), Dimitri Parimeros (oil-painting/installaionss), Bogumilla Strojna (sculpture), Lorna Taylor (mixed media/photography), Rena Tzolakis (painting/printing) (internet)