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André Domin, Les Fleurs du Mal, 1920, Editions René Kieffer. 268/485.
                          Illustr.: 26 illustrations décoratives.

André Domin (1883-1962) est un décorateur et illustrateur français. Journaliste et critique d'art. Fondateur de la société Dominique, en association avec Marcel Genevrière, en 1921 et du Groupe des Cinq en 1926. (

About "Dominique": Founded in 1922 by two young decorators, André Domin et Marc Genévrière, the maison Dominique is at the avant-garde during the autumn salon and in the decorative arts exhibition of 1937, with geometric shaped furniture influenced by cubism. This book relates the evolution of their style through furniture created for ocean liners of the transatlantic company from 1933, for the exhibitions in 1935 and 1937 and also for the Elysée palace after the second world war. (Antiqbook).